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Logistic & Transport Projects

Are you a museum curator, a gallery owner, or an exhibition organizer ?
Are you in charge of transport at a museum or cultural institution ?
Do you courier works of art on behalf of a museum ?
Are you a collector or an artist’s representative ?
Are you a restorer ?
Are you one of our foreign correspondents ?
All of the above, in different ways, are involved in transporting works of art. Whether you are a client or partner, a borrower or lender, whether you make decisions or implement them, you are faced by technical problems and urgent situations that we are used to dealing with. Our advice may be useful.

How to know what skills are involved in transporting works of arts and exhibitions

LP ART Guide Book

This guide to transporting works of art and exhibitions is designed to be practical and useful. You will easily find concrete answers to your questions about the technical problems and urgent situations that we are used to dealing with, and the methods used by our company LP ART. You will also find definitions of the technical terms commonly used in our business, influenced as they are by arts and crafts, museums, administrative concerns and logistics.

Our company, wich was setup in 1992, now occupies a dominant position on the market for transportation of works of art.

As a carrier, packer, customs broker, air freight agent and authorized agent for freight security, we offer the best guarantee of discretion, security and efficiency for any transport request from a museum, gallery or private owner.