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EILOA, international school of logistics for works of art

11 Apr 2022

The EILOA training school, a school under the status of an association according to the law of 1901, offers leading training programs, from CAP to Master's through a continuing professional trainin...

Jean-Michel Floret takes over from Guénäel Rimaud at the head of LP Art

10 Jun 2021

After the retirement of Guénaël Rimaud, the founding president of LP Art since 1991 who has succeeded in raising the company to the rank of the leading French transporter of works of art and exhibi...

Impression, soleil levant : return to the Marmottan Monet museum

10 Jun 2021

The One Art Museum in Shanghai offered to the Chinese public until the beginning of January 2021 "Impression, soleil levant", an exhibition co-organized by Shanghai Tix Media and the Marmottan Mone...

Work on the collections of the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP)

10 Jun 2021

A major project, the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP) is moving its reserves from La Défense to Pantin.
Responsible for promoting contemporary creation in all areas of the visual arts, the C...

New storage warehouse in Pantin

18 Sep 2020

As proof of our confidence in the future and the solidity of our economic model, we are pleased to offer museums and galleries a new warehouse located in Pantin within the secure enclosure of Panti...

Gradual resumption of our activity

18 Sep 2020

Due to the shutdown of exhibitions during the lockdown period related to Covid-19, our art and exhibition transport activity was severely affected for many months.
In a context of gradual resumptio...

Protection of The Wedding Feast at Cana at the Louvre Museum

26 Mar 2019

The Louvre Museum is undertaking significant renovation works in the exhibition room the most visited in the world : where the Joconde is exposed.
The Joconde itself is protected under a specific g...

Giant unhanging at the Musée des Augustins at Toulouse

24 May 2018

The Musée des Augustins in Toulouse is going through major cleaning and refurbishment. One important step in this process is the cleaning ot the giant glass roof tops which allow the sunlight to en...

Botero at Aix en Provence

09 May 2018

Spectacular operation at the Hôtel de Caumont. A gigantic bronze horse (337 cm for 2.5 tons) by Fernando Botero was moved from the Mazarine street to the hotel’s main court… this involved passing o...

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