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The Major Horse by Raymond Duchamp-Villon


After an on-site intervention carried out by LP Art who had been entrusted with the packaging, transport and installation of artworks of Lille Métropole Museum of modern art, contemporary art and brut art (LaM). This summer, the exhibit of the famous Cheval Majeur, of Raymond Duchamp-Villon's which was loaned by the National Center for Plastic Arts (CNAP).
The Cheval Majeur is a bronze with black patina weighing 550 kg that was made-up of sections of combining spheres, cylinders and cones evoking a connecting rods, pulleys and axles, and constitutes a history of art, that reflects the first fusion between movement of the machine and that of an animated being. It was a fruit of colaborative effort between the brothers Villon, Raymond Duchamp-Villon, Jacques Villon with Marcel Duchamp that created the work in 1966 and with the help of the sculptor Gilioli.

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