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"Sahel: art and empires on the shores of the Sahara" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York


The exhibition “Sahel: art and empires on the shores of the Sahara” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which was originally scheduled to end on May 10, 2020, has been extended due to the health crisis until October 26, 2021 .

LP ART moved and installed the centerpieces of this exhibition, the first of its kind to retrace the heritage of the powerful states that flourished in the Sahelian regions through two hundred objects: sculptures in wood, stone, terracotta and bronze; objects of gold and cast metal; woven and dyed textiles; and illuminated manuscripts.

Among the major works is a stone megalith from Dakar, unearthed, lifted with a crane, crated, then shipped by container to New York.

There is also a gold breastplate, a Senegalese national treasure on loan from the Fundamental Institute of Black Africa, which was conveyed as hand luggage.

The other works were packaged in boxes and shipped by air.

LP ART will take care of the return of the works to Senegal, Mali, Niger and Mauritania.

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