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Rehabilitation of the National Marine Museum


In 2017 the French National Marine Museum closed in order to undertake major renovation works. Re-opening is planned for 2021.

All the artworks must be moved out from the museum. (The great majority of them being stored in the Museum’s external reserves in the Pars region)                                                  

Collection is mainly composed of a great number of boat models in all possible sizes: small boats sculpted in Ivory up to the gigantic ‘Canot de l’Empereur’ (21 meters long). There are also numerous drawings, paintings, boating accessories and military artillery.

LP Art as already spent 2 months working on some of these collections and will be a close partner to the Museum for the future operations.

For the same Museum, LP also brought back from Normandy to Paris a ‘Squale’ boat (2 tons for 10 meters) and the massive “Anahita” (8,5 tons for 12,5 meters) on which the French navigator Louis Bernicot did the fourth solitary world tour in 1938 – which took him 21 months at that time. Next step for these 2 beauties of the sea is to find a sponsor who will give them a new youth!

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