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Protection of The Wedding Feast at Cana at the Louvre Museum


The Louvre Museum is undertaking significant renovation works in the exhibition room the most visited in the world : where the Joconde is exposed.

The Joconde itself is protected under a specific glassbox. However facing the Joconde, the museum’s biggest painting is on display : “The Wedding Feast at Cana” painting by Veronese and which measures over 10  meters by 7 !

As the painting cannot be transported out of the room, the Louvre asked LP Art to take care of its protection.

Operations took place when the museum was closed to public : after 7pm on Monday, all night long, Tuesday (normal closing day of the museum) all day and all night and finished Wednesday morning before 9 am when public was admitted back in the exhibition room.

3 teams of 8 art handlers where on board in order to keep this tight schedule. Frame was dismantled, and a giant wooden protection was built around it in order to keep it safe during all the renovation woks which will take place in the following months.

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