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Portraits in majesty, Hyacinthe Rigaud museum, Perpignan


This is an exhibition of «  Portraits in Majesty » that was set in Versailles time period ; in which LP Art has organized the instalation at the Museum of Hyacinthe Riguad at Perpignan.

Thanks to the exceptional partnership of the Musée National des Châteaux de Versailles and the Trianon, this major exhibition is open from from June 26 to November 7, 2021. Demonstrating a collection of more than a hundred works signed by the three French artists : François de Troy (1645-1730), Nicolas de Largillierre (1656-1746) and Hyacinthe Rigaud (1659-1743), in which have revolutionized the art of portrait during the period of King Louis XIV to King Louis XV.

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