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Picasso-Rodin at the Rodin museum and at the Picasso museum

22 Jun 2021 Lp Art Exibitions

In close partnership with the Musée Rodin and the Musée Picasso-Paris, the LP Art team has installed more than 300 artworks, including large sculptures for the Picasso-Rodin Exhibition which will be held in both places simultaneously until January 2. 2022.
This Picasso-Rodin Exhibition-Event is the result of an exceptional collaboration between the Musée Rodin and the national Musée Picasso-Paris. Enriched with more than 500 artworks that includes : paintings, sculptures, ceramics, drawings, archival documents and photographs ; offering the visitors an exceptional encounter as they enter in an artistic journey of the two great artists while exploring the links between them , by presenting their masterpieces side by side: the Rodin Museum with the theme « Crisis of Representation » during the start of the 20th century ; While the Picasso Museum depicts the creative process implemented by Rodin the Expressionist and Picasso the Cubist.

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