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As part of its plan for «  Picasso mediterrannée » 2017-2019, the RMN (Réunion des Musées Nationaux) has organized an exhibition : “Picasso, imaginary trips” to be held at the centre de la Vieille Charité in Marseilles from February  to June 2018.

This exhibit presents 340 artworks and documents which required:

  • construction of 65 crates  for the packing of  30 paintings, 40 drawings, 40 sculptures and art objects and 230 documents, postcards or photos,
  • 7 truckloads towards Marseilles for the transport of French loans,
  • 6 truckloads to Marseilles from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Great-Britain and Switzerland,
  • 3 airfreight expedition from the USA,
  • a week and a half of unpacking and installing the artworks at the Vieille Charité by a team of 6 LP art-installers,

The exhibit is in four parts:

Bohemian blue:

Following the gypsies, Picasso represents the acrobats and artists, metaphorical youth from blue (1901-1904) to pink (1904-1906).

Phantasmagoric Africa:

Africa fascinated Picasso and stimulated introspection which lead him to the realization of the “Demoiselles d’Avigon” (1907) and the acquisition in Marseille in 1922 of a famous Grebo Masque. In this part of the exhibit Picasso’s art interacts with the museum’s archaeological collections from Africa, Australia, and South America.

Antiquity Passions:

After world war one, the Greek and Roman Art form the ancient times came back to the front of the art scene. In 1917, Picasso travelled to Roma in order to prepare the decors and costumes for the Parade ballet with the Russian ballet. Antiquity was the main inspiration for Picasso when working on this ballet.

Dreams of Far East:

Picasso follows Ingres and Delacroix on the path to Orientalism. His last wife Jacqueline impersonates here the heroine of an imaginary harem.

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