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Picasso, Bathers and bathers, MBA Lyon

08 Feb 2021 Lp Art Manutentions

Unfortunately, the exhibition "Picasso, Bathers and Bathers" at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Lyon could not find its audience as expected. It nevertheless offered an interesting reinterpretation of the theme of the bather in Pablo Picasso’s artwork in the light of the works of a certain number of 19th century artists, such as Cézanne, Manet or Renoir, who influenced his treatment of this subject. Other contemporary artists were also called upon to illustrate Picasso's current traces in the history of art: Francis Bacon, Henry Moore, Farah Atassi, Elsa Sahal… Archival pieces and photographs also illustrated the Picasso stays by the seaside.

After this exhibition closed on January 3rd, LP Art repacked the works during the first half of January with two notable crane operations, a dozen trucks and three major air expeditions.

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