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Louvre – Destination: Teheran


The « Louvre in Teheran » exhibition illustrates the improvements of diplomatic relations between France and Iran. It is also the very first time a major occidental museum lends its masterpieces in Iran. For this great even 56 major art pieces are presented. The whole constitution of the Louvre’s collections is presented from its creation in 1793 to the most recent acquisitions.

Moving this great abstract of the eight Louvre department was an intense operation under high political pressure.

LP Art conditioned these loans in 36 crates and shipped them to Teheran on a cargo freighter. The loans originated from all Louvre departments and were very different: Egyptian antics, Oriental antics, Greek and Roman antics, Sculptures, Paintings and Drawings. Some of which were a little tricky to handle, such as 2500 year old sphinx, a 500 kg black stone sculpture or a painting measuring 200 x230 cm…. especially when they are heading for a new  unknown destination!

To handle all the unknown aspects in such a delicate operation, organizers trusted LP’s expertise : two LP art handlers were on site in Teheran to manipulate the Louvre loans.

Return is expected in June 2018… this will be the last step of a project that took 3 years and contributed to sharing French culture in this part of the world.

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