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Larchant block

07 Dec 2020 Lp Art Manutentions

LP Art carried out at the beginning of October an extremely delicate operation, coordinated by an
archaeologist in close cooperation with several people from the Gâtinais Natural Park, the DRAC Île de France and the town hall of Larchant.
It involved extracting from a sandy forest floor, in a cave with a low ceiling, the Larchant boulder, the
centerpiece of the Ile de France prehistoric heritage, very fragile and of a weight difficult to es timate.
As an additional constraint, the maneuver took place under the observation of around thirty people,
including two film crews and the scientific team responsible for carrying out the necessary studies, in
particular for the digitization of the block.
Despite a log skidding by horses which turned out to be more difficult than expected, the work carried out by the LP Art team aroused the admiration of all observers who agree to underline the dexterity, ingenuity, precision and delicacy it has shown at all times. A perfectly united team!

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