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Giant unhanging at the Musée des Augustins at Toulouse

24 May 2018 Lp Art News

The Musée des Augustins in Toulouse is going through major cleaning and refurbishment. One important step in this process is the cleaning ot the giant glass roof tops which allow the sunlight to enlight the painting collections.

In order to do so, the paintings under these rooftops had to be removed.

The first part of these operations was done by a team 6 LP art handlers during 3 weeks. Most of the paintings were moved to different parts of the museum for temporary storage.  The most exciting part of the project concerned  one of the museum's masterworks representing "Sultan Mehmet II entering in Constantinople on May 29th 1453", painted by Benjamin Constant in 1876, which is quite a nice piece since it is 5 meters long by 7 meters high !

Of course the museum doors had not been designed to let such an oversized painting pass through. Our team unhanged the painting and build on site a giant crate.  The painting will remain protected in its crate in the museum until the cleaning and refurbishing of the museum is finished. No doubts that our Toulouse Team will be excited again by the challenge of re hanging this masterwork on its home wall. 

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