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EILOA, international school of logistics for works of art

11 Apr 2022 Lp Art News

The EILOA training school, a school under the status of an association according to the law of 1901, offers leading training programs, from CAP to Master's through a continuing professional training.
Thanks to a teaching staff from the most recognized companies in the sector (Chenue, Expomus, LP Art, Natural Le Coultre, Transart, etc.) and partnerships developed with renowned schools and institutions, it offers a wide range of training for students and professionals, French and internationals a like; keen to develop the expertise in the transport of Artworks.
Its main missions are the transmission of skills and the development of technical expertise based on the know-how of employees: handling and packaging of all types of works of art, organization of the movement of works within the framework of international exposure, and management of complex logistic projects.


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