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Black models, from Géricault to Matisse

Presented at the Wallach Art Gallery of Columbia University in the City of New York, during Winter 20189/2019, the Orsay Museum is hosting this major exhibition during spring 2019. It will then be transferred to the ACTe Memorial, in Point à Pitre.

320 masterworks are presented (sculptures, paintings, documents…) from 99 lenders in 10 different countries (Canada, USA, Brazil, France, UK, Hungary, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Luxembourg), 56 couriers traveled with the artworks.

The exhibition is presented as a unique regards to the importance of the artworks presented in this specific area. Its multi-disciplinary approach combines the history of art and the history of ideas, and explores aesthetic, political, social and racial issues as well as the imagery unveiled by the representation of black figures in visual arts, from the abolition of slavery in France (1794) to the modern day.

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