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Assistance at the Airport

Air transport is becoming increasingly complex. Safety constraints are getting tighter. Airports are getting busier and busier. Airlines readily change their flights or aircraft at the last minute. The range of fares is so wide that for the same seat on the same flight one ticket may cost six times as much as another one.

So how do you ensure that a given consignment is properly palletized and loaded on the planned flight with its courier ? How do you help the courier do his job properly under optimum conditions ? How can you be certain that a work travelling as hand luggage will be accepted on board ?

Supervising all these operations and guiding the courier represent a genuine assistance service to which LP ART gives its full attention. Although difficult to measure, it requires a thorough understanding of air transport and the mobilization of significant resources on site at Roissy or Orly. In practice, this means people and vehicles, spending a lot of time in the passenger, freight and traffic areas, etc.

How to assist the courier and supervise departures and arrivals ?