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The LP ART savoir-faire

Over the last twenty-five years LP ART became
a very close partner for all museums, art galleries,
art collectors, restorers, and to keep it short
all art lovers or art professionals.

Our growth speaks for itself: we are passionate
about our job and we make sure to pass this passion
to all professionals joining us over the years.

The LP ART savoir-faire
LP ART   The Film
À la manoeuvre

2019 Key figures

  • 240 employees
  • 40 Fine Art vehicles
  • 5 branch offices in France : Strasbourg, Lyon, Nice, Toulouse and Nantes
  • 1 full time office at CDG airport
  • 1 subsidiary company in Cairo, Egypt
  • 25 000 sq. meters of fine art storage

Official professional agreements

  • IATA agreement n° 20-4 7040-750-6
  • Authorized Economic Operator agreement (OEA) n° FR00163778
  • Customs agreement n°4535
    AFNOR ISO 9001-2015 certification for our activity n° 2005 24746.4
  • Transport licenses (domestic & international transports) n° 2017/11/0000788 & 0000787
    Habilited agent n° FR/RA/03038 - 01&02/0514
  • Known shipper agreement n° FR/KC/04011.1


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